Intensive Lifestyle Program

The Intensive Lifestyle Program looks at the components of a healthy lifestyle to get you started on your way to feeling great. Most chronic diseases can be prevented or improved by lifestyle, but a healthy lifestyle also helps immediately by improving sleep, energy, mood, and focus. The program consists of 12 weekly 1-hour sessions. This program is offered in-person and virtually via Zoom.


  • Weekly sessions led by a health coach in a group of 12 to 15 other participants 
  • Personalized exercise prescription
  • Focus on eating for pleasure and health at the same time
  • Discussions on sleep
  • Using mindfulness to improve resilience
  • Coaching to help make these changes doable and fun


Anyone interested in making changes in their lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, sleep, or stress management) should consider this program. We screen for symptoms of active heart disease and may require clearance from your physician.