Self-compassion supports us when we fall and sets us up to rise and thrive, perhaps contrary to popular belief.  We could all give ourselves an extra serving of compassion right now, but it's not easy to break habits of being hard on ourselves, especially during challenging times. In this 4 week course, we will explore how to develop a genuine friendship with ourselves. Relating to ourselves fairly and kindly is a lifelong practice that gives us more ease, reduces stress, and increases resilience and energy for what matters.  

Topics include: What self-compassion is and isn't? Working with your internal critical and friendly voices; Setting boundaries to improve connection; Skills for minimizing the impact of stress

Practices include: Mindful self-compassion meditations; journaling; group dialogue; gentle movement

Cost Information / Refund Policy:

**Deeply discounted for all U employees by HR wellness programming. Counts for WellU wellness activity credit.


Class will be cancelled within 2 weeks of starting date if there are less than 10 people registered.  

Registration not Available at this Time