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  Other Private Perinatal Education Classes


  One 2-hour session for parents seeking personal one-on-one training with an educator.
  • Please choose from the courses listed below, then call (801)581-2328 to schedule a private session.
  • Cost: $85.00 per Couple
  • There are no discounts available for private classes
    A Baby? Maybe?
    One 2-1/2-hour session discusses the physical, mental, and emotional issues to consider before conceiving or expanding your family
    Expecting Multiples
  • Options available when birthing
  • Possibilties if babies arrive early
  • Resources available
    Parenting Classes
    From Infants to the "Terrible Twos" Your choice of features
  • Love and comfort-can you really spoil your baby with too much love and attention?
  • Infant Safety/CPR
  • Every day care of your new baby
  • Dealing with separation anxiety
  • Sleep patterns
  • First aid advice
  • Safe toys for play and learning
  • Making baby's home environment safe
  • Beginning of limit setting
  • Growth and development: Independence with Discipline
  • Inevitable temper tantrums
  • Toilet training
  • Honoring and moving forward from your past experience
  • Relaxation, breathing, and comfort techniques
  • Review of options and choices during birthing
  • Sibling issues
    Sibling Preparation
  • Videos
  • Siblings' feelings
  • Welcoming the new baby home
  • What a new baby can do
  • Bring a doll and a small blanket for each child
    Children must be accompanied by an adult
    VBAC(Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • Concerns unique to your situation
  • Choices and challenges for this labor
  • Advantages and controversies surrounding Vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC)
    We suggest a childbirth preparation or refresher class be taken along with this class
  • Prerequisites:

      No Pre-Requisites
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