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  Baby Sign Language #3


  Intro Basic Signs #3: Colors, Emotions, Playtime, Nature & Weather
Baby Sign Language Program created by Dr. Joseph Garcia includes teaching (baby) sign language to infants, 6-Months old through toddler age.
Sign 2 Me takes a lot of the guesswork out of baby care and relieves some of baby's frustration because of inability to communicate.
This 4-week course presents parents (and grandparents) with useful tools for communicating with your baby:
  • Allows baby to communicate thoughts
  • Gives 'window' into child's personality
  • Helps baby speak sooner Reduces frustration for baby and for you
  • Signing reinforces verbal language by adding visual and kinetic emphasis to auditory input
  • Signing will not delay verbal language development. Verbal skills may be accelerated
  • Class designed for baby's parents, grandparents and caregivers
  • Please bring snacks if desired
  • Only $40 per class, or sign-up for all three for $100


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